About the Club

Mission Statement

The Golden Horseshoe Speed Skating Club is a not-for-profit volunteer sport organization dedicated to promoting, developing, supervising and providing speed skating opportunites to individuals of all abilities and ages in a safe, effective, friendly and fun environment. The Club aims to develop and help athletes reach their maximum potential by providing competent, positive and enthusiastic coaching environments.

About Us

We offer short track speed skating experience for athletes of all abilities and provide them with the skills to compete at competitions for their level of expertise. We are a not-for-profit organization run totally by volunteers, mainly parents.

The Golden Horseshoe Speed Skating Club (GHSSC) is closely affiliated with the Hamilton Speed Skating Club. In mid-2012, we split into two clubs from one. Both clubs join each other for some of the skating sessions.

The Golden Horseshoe Speed Skating Club has a wide range of residents and ages plus they also have an inline speed skating portion of the club in the summer months. Our ice season runs from late September until late March. Many members inline speed skate in the summer or do other forms of off ice training.

Our Clubs have three certified coaches with significant experience as well as another nine that are trained as coaches or on ice leaders, who also help out at practices. The skaters are broken into groups based on their ability to provide a better learning experience.

For more information about our locations, times and costs, please see our Registration page.

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